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Bindings, the best dress for your documents

Bindings, the best dress for your documents

Document binding has traditionally been a manual and artisan work, even for years it has been considered a trade. Today, with new digital printing technologies, bookbinding, with all its variants and forms, has been democratized and is a product within the reach of all budgets. At Gràfic Centre we make all kinds of bindings. Here are the most common ones.


Metal binding is the most common and inexpensive. It is very useful for joining school work, company dossiers, etc. At Gràfic Centre we use metal binding with the wireo closure, which is - together with the spiral - the most popular technique. We have wireo of different sizes (up to a thickness of 3cm) and different colors (black, white, silver or gold).



The milled binding is the one used to bind books, both with the soft cover (also called rustic binding) and with the rigid cover. At Gràfic Centre we can edit your books without a minimum order, from a single unit. Milled binding uses glue to join the sheets. But if your documents are printed on very thick or glossy sheets, we advise you to use the binding milled with Pur glue to prevent them from coming off.



The doctoral theses commissioned by the universities are bound with the milled system. At Gràfic Centre we know the formats of each university center and we adapt to the needs of each student. The thesis binding allows the university logo to be engraved on the cover and printed on the spine. At Gràfic Centre we print a copy of your thesis in black and white completely free of charge for you to review the final changes.


Many brochures, catalogs, or activity programs do not have a sufficient number of pages to make a milled binding. The best option for these cases is binding with staples or also called easel. This format allows you to use special measures and combine papers of different weights for the cover and the inside.



But not everything comes down to metal, milled or stapled bindings. There are endless possibilities to bind your work. For example: the channel binding (with flexible or rigid cover), which is used for accounting books; fastback binding, which incorporates a black side tape that covers the spine, or special stitched binding.

In any case, whatever your project, at Gràfic Centre we sure have the technique and knowledge to advise you and find the binding that best suits your needs.