How much does it cost to print photos? What measures are there? And what kind of papers?

How much does it cost to print photos? What measures are there? And what kind of papers?

The move from analog photography to digital photography has meant a very important change in the way we consume the photographs we take. Years ago, the era of photo reels, developing and waiting to know if our photos have been focused and well lit and framed is over. Now we all carry a camera in our pocket, with mobile phones with almost professional lenses. According to the latest studies, each person can take an average of 5,000 photos a year, which means that it is almost impossible to manage so many images and, even less, to build an album with a selection of the most important snapshots of our life.

This is why many people choose to print photos to physically store their memories. There are many of us who do not like to see photographs on a screen and prefer to touch and enjoy them printed on paper. But is it very expensive to print our photos? How much does it cost to print a photo?

The size of the photo matters

The first thing we must determine is the extent to which we want to print the photos. The standard small size is 10x15cm. For this type of photos at Gràfic Center we use Mitsubishi instant printing kiosks. You can send your photos to the machine via bluetooth or pass them directly with a USB or memory card. Once the photos have been selected, we can adjust the framing, brightness and contrast, and orientation.

Mitsubishi printers for printing photos at the moment also let you choose other measures beyond 10x15cm, such as 13x18cm or 15x20cm. We go to print and the photos come out dry and printed on photo paper in seconds. If you have doubts about how our photo printing machines work at the moment, here you will find a video explaining the steps to follow.

Gràfic Center's Mitsubishi instant photo printing machines also allow you to print passport photos instantly. You just have to bring a photo with a white background and the printer is responsible for repeating the image to the approved measure of ID or passport, for only € 4.95. And if you want to be up to date, you can give your snapshots the Polaroid photo format with the white frame.

If you want to know more about printing photos at the moment, here we tell you all the secrets.

The amount also matters 

In the world of printing, the same rule is always repeated: the greater the quantity, the better the unit price. You should put together several photos to print because the price can drop considerably. Keep in mind that printing a single 10x15cm photo is worth € 1.50. But if, instead, you put together more than 50 photos, the price of each one will be € 0.42.

Photos in large format, major words

You may not be satisfied with the standard photo measurement of 10x15cm. Have you taken a spectacular photo of your vacation or of your family? If you want it to look and transform it into a large format poster, at Gràfic Center we have everything you need. We can print your photos to jumbo sizes on high quality HP 230g photo paper with a satin finish. And don't be scared because the price will surprise you: a custom-printed A2 photo will cost € 7.85, A1 custom-made at € 16.30, or A0 giant custom-made photo for € 32.65.

Discover here all the large format options that your photographs have.

The best dress for your photos 

The possibilities of photo printing are endless. You can leave your photos on paper or you can look for a better finish. At Gràfic Center we have many options. We propose 2: the photo canvas is the printing of a photo on canvas material and later mounted on a wooden frame. We can make photo canvases up to 130cm wide (we will tell you more about the world of photo canvas). You can also mount your photo on a rigid support such as foam cardboard, or foam, in a thickness of 5mm or 10mm (discover more about the possibilities of foam).

Be that as it may, you no longer have excuses to lose and forget your most precious photos on your mobile or computer. At Gràfic Center we like to combine new technologies with the most classic way of having your images and that is why we encourage you to print your photos in any of the formats, sizes and finishes that we put at your fingertips.