Corporate material

Envelopes and bags

What is?

· Printing of the classic envelope for postal correspondence.

· All envelopes include self-adhesive tape for closing.

· Non-bleed digital printing (with margin on the sides).

Types and materials

· Standard American envelope size (22.5x11.5cm) without window or with window on the right or left.

· Other standard envelope measurements: A5 bag (16.2x22.9cm) or A4 bag (22.9x32.4cm).

· Opt for offset printing for large quantities, bleed printing and specific Pantone colors.

Expert advice

· We can print on creative envelopes for celebrations or invitations.

· If you print in BN laser printing is impeccable and your pocket will appreciate it.

· You don't have to make large print runs. We can print 1 unit. But the larger the quantity, the better the unit price.

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