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Office material

In Gràfic Centre have a wide range of office supplies. Over 40,000 products, many of them white label. you’ll find everything you need for your business. We serve the material within 24 hours and, if desired, we can carry it directly to your office or business office.

A catalog of over 40,000 products

All the office supplies you need for your office or desk is available in our catalog of office supplies. More than 40,000 stationery products, office supplies and school supplies.

We work with the 120 most important brands in the market. We also have line label products at half price and with quality of the original products.

For your printer, we have cartridges and toners of the major brands of the market (HP, Epson. Canon, Brother ...) at an unbeatable price.

Why buy office supplies at Gràfic Centre?

Besides all the experience we have gained in the recent years, in Gràfic Centre we have great advantages that differentiate us from other printing and copy shops.

  • Urgent deadlines and immediate delivery: We specialize in emergencies. We met the lowest delivery times. Last hour projects don’t scare us.
  • Preparations for the quantity and quality: speed and quantity are not synonymous of poor quality. We monitor all the orders to offer the best finish
  • 100% personalized attention: each project or request a person derives from our team that is responsible for monitoring, delivery and after-sales service. We want all our customers feel unique.
  • More than 40,000 products: Use our secure office material that you find the material you are looking for. We have all brands of the market and a line of white label at an unbeatable price.

What our customers say

Marta Sabaté Fontanet
Marta Sabaté Fontanet
Molt bon profesionals i molt bona atenció al.client. Recomenable.
Albert Rodríguez
Albert Rodríguez
Cinco estrellas porque mas no se pueden. Son amables y serviciales, cualquier problema te lo solucionan y no ponen ningun problema. Queria hacerme una camiseta pero yo no tenia el formato que me gustaba, y allí mismo lo solucionaron, son increíbles, unos profesionales y unos cracks. Copisteria de confianza en el barrio
Jordy Torner
Jordy Torner
Bien pteparados tiene gente muy bien preparados Entiende todo a la primera no dudes si tie es algun trabajo grafico