Printing and binding

Copies and printing

What is it?

· Photocopies and prints of documents from USB, email or Bluetooth.

· Photocopies and prints can be in BW or color.

· All prints are made with the quality and technology of Konica Minolta professional printers.

Types and materials

· Photocopies and prints in Black and White on 80g digital paper.

· Color photocopies and prints on 80g Navigator digital paper.

· The price of photocopies and prints varies according to the quantity. Plus prints, lower unit price.

Expert advice

· If the documentation you need is not important, print in BN. It is cheaper than printing in color.

· Save files in PDF. We can work with formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG... but they can cause errors.

· Print double-sided. You will save paper and do the planet a favor.

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