Printing and binding

PhD thesis

What is it?

· Binding for end-of-course, final-degree, PhD or TRs papers.

· Softcover milled binding is also known as American binding.

· The standard size is A4 but we can bind in any format (maximum A3 size).

Types and materials

· Milled binding with soft cover printed and laminated with a glossy or matt finish.

· Milled binding with hard cover printed and laminated with a glossy or matte finish.

· Binding with PUR glue for interior papers of more than 120g.

Expert advice

· The maximum paper thickness for milled binding is 4.5cm.

· You can dress the doctoral thesis with sashes, bookmarks, lapels, rubber bands...

· You don't have to make large print runs. We can bind 1 copy only.

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