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Printing Tips

  • WHAT FILE FORMAT DO I USE TO PRINT? We need PDF or JPG files made with professional programs like Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Avoid files made with Word and the like.
  • IN WHICH MEASURE AND RESOLUTION SHOULD I DELIVER THE FILES? The files must be at the actual print size and a minimum of 200 dpi resolution to ensure the best definition.
  • WILL THE COLORS I HAVE USED IN THE DESIGN BE RESPECTED? Digital printing is not perfect and colors can be altered by the type and model of printer or by the paper used. It is always recommended to make a color sample.
  • SHOULD I TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE COLOR PROFILES? We recommend providing the files in CMYK format. Pantones and RGB images will be converted to CMYK automatically so this could alter the shades of the original design.
  • WHAT MARGINS / PRINT BLOOD SHOULD I LEAVE? Apply 2 mm to the entire perimeter. of blood and where there is important information at least 4 mm. from separation.
  • ARE CUTTING BRANDS IMPORTANT? To achieve the best precision when handling, the design must incorporate external cut marks.
  • SHOULD I BRING THE IMAGE REPEATED AND ASSEMBLED? It is not necessary. We take care of repeating the image to take advantage of the printing area.
  • CAN I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH LETTER SOURCES? To respect the original font, it is necessary that these are embedded, vectorized or converted to curves.
  • YOU WILL LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANY SPELLING FAILURE OR ERROR? WILL YOU FIRST DO A SAMPLE? Let's take a look at the document but we do not guarantee its complete correctness. It is recommended to make a previous sample. We also ask that the client provide us with a printed sample in a reduced size.
  • WHEN SHOULD I BRING A VECTOR FILE? Files made from vectors rather than pixels mean that they can be reduced and enlarged without losing quality. This allows to recognize the contour, very useful in the case of die cut vinyl. EPS is the most common vector image format.

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  2. Under the mail field (info@graficcentre.com)
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