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The world of vinyl and its possibilities is almost infinite: White printing vinyl, transparent printing vinyl, colored cut vinyl, micro perforated vinyl, stickers, glaze translucent vinyl, resettable, high adhesion... Endless possibilities!


The infinite world of vinyl

Vinyls are printed stickers that come in any size and shape. There are multiple applications and each one of them calls for a different type of vinyl: white vinyl, clear vinyl, perforated vinyl, glazed, vinyl cutting...

Did you know that with vinyl you can also make your own whiteboard? They are whiteboards for Velleda marker pens or chalkboards as well. They're ideally suited for restaurants and can also decorate a corner of your house.

And don't worry about annoying bubbles. At Gràfic Centre at our expert team will be in charge of the sticker application, either on a wall or on your commercial vehicle.

Why print on vinyl in Gràfic Centre?

In addition to all the experience we have acquired in recent years, in Gràfic Centre we have a number of advantages that differentiate us from other printing centers and copy shops.

  • Deadlines for almost immediate delivery We are specialists in emergencies. We comply with unrivalled delivery times throughout Barcelona. Last minute projects do not scare us.
  • We are ready for quantity and quality: Speed and quantity are not synonymous of low quality, on the contrary. We track all orders to provide the best finish
  • 100% personalized attention Each project or order is referred to a person in our team who is in charge of follow-up, delivery and after-sales service. We want all our customers to feel unique.
  • The infinite applications of vinyl White printing, transparent printing, cutting, microperforation, translucent glazing, repositionable, high adhesion&hellip

What our customers say

Pedí un cuadro a medida y me lo han facilitado mucho, ya que me lo hicieron las medidas que yo necesitaba y todo súper rápido y a muy buen precio. David uno de los dependientes es muy atento y profesional. Gracias a todo el equipo.
Kim Vidal Bernades
Kim Vidal Bernades
Muy profesionales , atención con el cliente excelente , calidad a muy buen precio, plazo de entrega muy bueno.
luciana dente
luciana dente
Servicio de primera! Envió rápido y seguro. Un placer trabajar con ellos ????????????????