Printing tips

What format, size and resolution of the file do I use to print?
We need PDF, JPG or EPS files made with professional programs such as Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign. Avoid files made with Word and similars. The files must be the actual print size and a minimum resolution of 200 dpi to ensure the best definition.
Will the colors I have used in the design be respected?
Digital printing is not perfect and colors can be altered by the type and model of printer or by the paper used. Color acts differently on a screen or paper. It is always advisable to make a color sample. The most reliable alternative for specific colors is offset printing.
Should I have to consider the color profiles?
We recommend providing the files in CMYK format. RGB and Pantone images will be converted to CMYK automatically, so this could alter the tonalities of the original design.
What print bleed, margins and cut marks should I leave?
Apply to the entire perimeter 3 mm. of blood and where there is important information at least 5 mm. of separation. To achieve the best precision when handling, it is necessary for the design to incorporate external cut marks.
Should I bring the image repeated and mounted?
There's no need. We take care of the imposition to take advantage of the printing area.
Can I have problems with the fonts?
To respect the original source, it is necessary that they are embedded, vectorized or converted to curves.
Will I be notified if there are any mistakes or error?
We take a look at the document but do not guarantee its complete correctness. It is advisable to make a previous sample.
When should I bring a vectorized file?
Files made from vectors instead of pixels can be reduced and enlarged without losing quality. This makes it possible to recognize the outline, very useful in the case of die-cut vinyl. EPS (traced) is the most common vector image format.
Can you make me the logo, the corporate image of my company and get images if I don't have them?
Our design department has the tools, knowledge and creativity to do it. We also have thousands of photos from an image bank with high quality and of any theme that will surely fit your project.
I have written a book. In addition to printing and binding, do you take care of the legal aspects?
We manage legal aspects of the books such as the Legal Deposit or the ISBN from one copy to the ones you need.