T-shirt printing in Barcelona: this summer create your own trend

T-shirt printing in Barcelona: this summer create your own trend

"Different strokes for different folks", goes the saying. And the fashion world has confirmed to us in recent years that this popular saying is 100% true. In today's market we find hundreds of brands with ephemeral clothing models that change season after season. Now, with the techniques of "T-shirt printing" that we have, we have achieved that the clothes we wear in our day to day can be original and unique . You only need to have a good idea, know how to capture it on a screen and choose the best accessory for the best moment: shirts, hats, balls of fabric, sweatshirts, onesies ... But are we clear about the techniques for printing T-shirts? Like everything else, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. We'll explain it in detail.

Transfer printing

It is the oldest and simplest technique. The printing of T-shirts, hats, bags or sweatshirts with transfer is used for small quantity runs and if you want them to be long lasting . The transfer is a paper that is printed with toner and transferred to the shirt with heat. It is an ideal technique for bachelor parties, parties or prints that do not have a very high value. Transfer printing is recommended for white garments.

Vinyl printing

The vinyl cutting or printing, allows that once the shirt is printed it won't grow stiff . & Nbsp; The colors are bright and well attached to the fabric. Vinyl printing can be used on T-shirts, bags, caps, onesies, sweatshirts, aprons ... of any color. One of its disadvantages is that if texts or images to be printed are very small, the production is complicated and the cost for the client can be high.

Silk-screen printing

Silk- screen printing is the best technique for clothing. The image does not affect the fabric, the colors are well printed and durability of the shirt is high. But it has a disadvantage: silk-screen printing is not designed for short runs . To get a competitive price you have to do at least 50 to 100 units at once. And another thing to consider when you want to screen-print shirts, caps or any other garment: in screen printing it matters the number of colors to be printed. The fewer colors the better price.

Direct printing

Direct printing is the most modern technique available. Brands like Brother, Epson and Ricoh have developed techniques for printing directly on the shirt as if it were a sheet of paper. Nowadays it is a technique that is in full development and every year improvements appear since it still has some limitations and shortcomings. It is undoubtedly the future to come for printing shirts, hats, sweatshirts, tote bags, bodysuits .... Direct printing will eliminate all other printing techniques in the short term .

Whatever the case, there is no excuse for wearing your clothes 100% custom. Get a brand new t-shirt or cap with the logo, text or image you like best. Summer is coming and it's a great opportunity to show off your models and, who knows, create a trend among your friends and family.

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